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My name is Robert Nagraba and I specialize in professional training of programming CNC machine tools with HEIDENHAIN controls. My adventure in this industry began in 2000, when I started working at Fabryka Obrabiarek Precyzyjnych AVIA S.A. Then I worked as NC trainer at APS (Automatyka Przemysłowa Serwis) in Warsaw, the representation of HEIDENHAIN in Poland. Now, as the HEIDENHAIN Training Partner, I am able to invite you directly to my Training Center, where I offer courses and trainings for a wide range of customers - from operators and programmers to teachers and service technicians of CNC machine tools.

Also if you need spare parts, technical support or advice in the area of TNC controls and HEIDENHAIN equipment - just contact me.

In order to ensure a high level of education, I regularly participate in NC-Upgrade trainings and exams conducted for qualified trainers in the Training Center of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH in Traunreut. I have a pedagogical background and am a graduate of Electrical Department of Warsaw University of Technology.


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